My Family

Part 2 of 3

My Family

 Then one day may Champion came to me

My knight in shining armor riding a dark horse

I have come to open your eyes so you can see

Was the opening line of His discourse


You are so steeped in these lies

That have been fed to you since birth

That it will take time to open your eyes

And make you see your worth


For this reason I am sending you a new Family

They will be My light in your dark world

When they embrace you, you will see

All the lies become unfurled


How will I know them? I asked with a tremble

How can I trust that they come from you

What if their lies are just more artful

And they are no better than my current crew


Bring your friends along with you, if you must

I will not force you to let go all at once

Over time they will gain your trust

And you will grow weary of your friend’s hindrance


You will know your new family by these names

Wisdom, Empathy, Grace, Truth, Justice, Mercy, Love, and Faith

They will work together and pull you from the flames

And they will reveal your friend as a wraith


About RisingFromTheAshesPoetry

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I write poetry: Wisdom once said put your life into verse Or your pain and suffering will only get worse He said put your thoughts into rhyme And the healing you seek will come in time
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