My Friends

This is part one of a trilogy I am working on.
My Friends

When I was little you came to me

You told me of all the burden I must bare

But that it was ok because in time I would see

That all of these burdens we would share


There were days when the weight felt light and easy

But there were days when I was crushed under them

You were always there to tell me you loved me

And that with your strength I could bare them


You taught me that in the chaos I needn’t be anxious

And that love was the duty to make them happy

You taught me that even though I was worthless

You would never abandon me


You taught me that abuse was par for the course

Because when they are angry love make me a punching bag

With Your help I could endure without remorse

I you wouldn’t abandon me like a used rag


Chaos, Worthlessness, and Abuse became my friends

They made me feel loved even though I was nothing

They told me that even though I was responsible for all of their sins

I can only show my love though my sacrificing


About RisingFromTheAshesPoetry

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I write poetry: Wisdom once said put your life into verse Or your pain and suffering will only get worse He said put your thoughts into rhyme And the healing you seek will come in time
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One Response to My Friends

  1. Zachery says:

    Wow! that was powerful

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