New Birth

New Birth
Gently as I travel through time and space
Joy and love does the fear and anger replace
They say that time will heal all wounds
And it has indeed been many moons

I am ready to walk out into the light again
Even though the sun may burn my skin
My cocoon was dark and warm with healing springs
But now it’s time to emerge and spread my wings

As I start to take flight and the use of my wings I learn
I am bound to stumble or even crash and burn
But I am a new creature, the old has died away
The dark ages are past and this is the dawn of a new day

So mistakes will be made, and that is ok
But they won’t be the same ones as yesterday
The jagged scars will always be there to remind me
Of the hell that I survived and that I am now free

But they are just scars of memories past
The demons are slain and to my Champion I hold fast
He is my victor and He stands firm by my side
And into the unknown, dawning day we ride


About RisingFromTheAshesPoetry

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I write poetry: Wisdom once said put your life into verse Or your pain and suffering will only get worse He said put your thoughts into rhyme And the healing you seek will come in time
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2 Responses to New Birth

  1. Joy-is-now-free says:

    I truly loved this poem. You are truly talented.

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