Briar Patch

Briar Patch

Surrounded by thorns thick and sharp

Dirt under my feet soft and cold

Old, crisp leaves cover me like a tarp

This briar patch is my safe hold


Uninhabitable to the untrained eye

Anyone living there must be cursed

But sweet berries my nourishment supply

And a small creek flows to quince my thirst


Surrounded my thorns sharp and thick

Tightly woven into a protective thatch

Though you may think my actions animalistic

I’m safe and secure in my briar patch


Please remember that the briar is not me

Even though I’m surrounded by thorn

When you’re tempted to call me prickly

And judge me harshly for being forlorn


It may seem to you that I am depressed

Giving up on all that’s good in the world

But I have just found a place to heal and rest

Sitting In my briar patch tightly curled


About RisingFromTheAshesPoetry

I am a survivor of domestic violence and I write poetry: Wisdom once said put your life into verse Or your pain and suffering will only get worse He said put your thoughts into rhyme And the healing you seek will come in time
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2 Responses to Briar Patch

  1. I love Brer Rabbit stories, and the tar baby and the briar patch are two of the most meaningful images from them. Thanks for this poem!

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